Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

I loved Thanksgiving this year! (as I always do:-) Seeing our family was so...amazing! Lindsey and I had a blast, and when we said our goodbyes today, everyone was thoroughly exhausted! We played basketball, four square, frisbee, Rook (or at least those who understood it did...which is to say, not me!) we went running, biking, walking, we stayed up until midnight playing "Mafia" around the campfire (drinking far to much hot cocoa!), we went ice skating, rollerblading, we played tag in the dark until our fingers were numb with cold, we ate, ate and ate, and best of all...we laughed nonstop the whole weekend about things that really just aren't funny... :-D

                                                           Part of Thanksgiving dinner

                                     And the desserts! (Oh, I ate way to much pie, I really did...)

                                      Katherine's cheesecake, it was truly and really very good!

Lindsey about to enjoy MORE food. :-) (I say more because we had over indulged on Ritz Bitz with cheese beforehand...;-)

The Turkey was ever so delicious :-)

And we had a WONDERFUL time ice skating this morning!

Thanks to Grandma Barbara for taking all the ice skating pics :-)

A few of us fell down, but we just got back up and kept on skating...

This is the only one of myself I'm posting :-) 

Enjoying some Mexican food :-)

I finally let Emmaline try out my camera, here is one of her pics. She's not bad :-)

I miss my grandparents and cousins really badly, but I know we'll see them again soon (at least I hope!)
And I  really am to tired to keep posting so I'll catch ya later!

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