Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Things

                                                   Another pair of my favorite earrings :-)

 Lucy is a spoiled kitty, this is her in her new next to favorite spot: In front of the fireplace (her favorite under the Christmas tree in the skirt :-)

                                      Grey shoes, grey scarf...some of my favorite winter wear

A sweater I recently bought at Target. The whole thing is turquoise, but I was having to much fun with Picasa. 

                          These are some cookies I am going to try soon. They look...GOOD...!


  1. Those earrings & those flats are gorgeous! Our cats like to sleep on the tree skirt too. :)

  2. Spoiled is an understatement. :-P So let's have a day out shopping so that you can wear the shoes + scarf + earrings (Target, Starbucks)....oh, and Kendall, you're required to come!!!

  3. Sure! I'll hop on the next plane to NC! *sigh* if only it were that easy..... By the way, we put up our tree this weekend and the cats have been sleeping on the tree skirt. Some things never change. :-)

  4. I'm in! Too bad it won't happen (not to be pessimistic or anything);-)