Thursday, November 24, 2011

Which Cake?

Micaiah is celebrating his 11th birthday, and celebrate is the definitely the right word here:-) I was sitting with him a few days ago looking through birthday cake ideas online. He picked out a "glorious" Star Wars cake, and   was so excited about it. Two days before his party, I showed him gorgeous a picture of a chocolate strawberry cake, and...well...Star Wars became the nerdy show from the 70's I think it is. (No offense, Star Wars fans :-)
You have to realize, Micaiah is the only boy here. He'' got four sisters to deal with, so a Star Wars cake just isn't quite as appealing as a luscious, gorgeous, ever so delicious, four story high, chocolate strawberry cake. :-)
I'm afraid my version of the cake quite as amazing looking as the picture, but it must have sufficed...

You can either get him to "sorta" smile...
...or really smile :-)
But he was ready to devour it on sight, no questions asked. 
I'm not sure if he enjoyed being the center of attention (ok, he probably enjoyed it) but it was pretty funny watching his face change to a deep red as we sang to him :-)

So even though he neglected his Star Wars fan duty as far as the cake goes, he did get a Light-Saber that drove him to the point of hysterics. (Or, not quite, but almost :-)