Tuesday, June 12, 2012

this beautiful life // guest post by natalie

Thankfulness is such a simple yet complex idea. Recognizing all the blessings in this beautiful life is a discipline, believe it or not! How often do we go through our day without realizing how beautiful God's creation is?
These blessings come in all different forms. Creation--from the smell of rain to vibrant colors of the wildflowers to the heat of the sun--is absolutely stunning and reflects a brilliant design by a sovereign God. More personal blessings, like the tight hug of a close friend, an inside joke with your bestie, or even snuggling on the couch with your family, are more precious (and more appreciated).
Yet the most precious blessing ever is Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Just the thought of seeing (a glimpse) how deep the Father's love really is, is the most invaluable thing in this life.
And though I'm sure I don't understand or appreciate the depths of God's love fully, I know it is the best thing that ever happened in this beautiful life.


I am a junior in high-school seeking to glorify the one and only God in word and deed.
I have a wonderful family: Amazing parents, a wonderful big brother and two lovely sisters. 
I love...the piano, art, writing, studying, photography, anything vintage, rotary telephones, red shoes, shopping, Starbucks, Paris, tea, travel, sunsets, and last but certainly not least, my beautiful Savior Jesus Christ and this life He blessed me with. 

My Blog, I dream in French, ranges from topics of Scripture and Jesus Christ's mercy to books and movies to fashion and random experiences I encounter in life. Why don't you stop by and leave a 


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