Thursday, June 21, 2012

guest post by teaka.

Today Teaka is guest posting from her lovely blog, Life Like Honey

Hello all you lovely readers of The Thinking Blonde. I'm so thrilled to be a guest blogger today and get the opportunity to introduce myself, my blog and my current project
My name is Teaka and you can find me over at, Life Like Honey. I often blog about things that interest me and any adventures my husband and I went on, but mostly about sewing related things. Basically anything from interviews with Etsy fashion designers, projects I'm working on, DIYs,  to the progress of my own Etsy store which I'm hoping to have open before the middle of July. 

I'm a pretty busy girl these days. I don't have much free time as most of my evenings, after a full day of work are spent pattern drafting, cutting out fabric, and sewing. Truthfully I'm addicted to sewing. I wish I could do it full time but for now I'm blessed to have a full time job that helps pay bills.

In the past I worked hard to design and sew a collection during my last semester in school, I called it The Honey Line. At the time I was really inspired by girly, vintage pieces that a modern, sweet girl might like to wear. It was an incredible learning curve as I had never sewn so many different pieces within a certain time constrain. I found myself spending many long nights in the college sewing lab putting things together. It was all worth it though because in the end I was super proud of my work and the over all look of my collection. You can check out all my pieces here, Part 1 and Part 2.

Right after I graduated I was convinced I would not let the summer go by without completing a long time goal of starting an Etsy shop. So back to the drawing board I find myself. I'm currently working on a smaller, simple summer collection. This time around the colors are bit more neutral with soft creams, white laces, greys and a quirky print. You'll find some fun girly dresses, skirts and tops. My hope is to keep things simple so I can offer a small, medium and larges in each of the garments.

I won't be releasing any photos but if you come check out my blog from now till mid July and you'll get some heads up when my shop will open. I'm very excited for that day!


Well thank you guys for reading my little write up. I hope you come by my blog and say hello. I'd love to meet you!

Thank you, Teaka, for the post! I am in love with The Honey Line. And that is all. 

Now go check out her blog, and say hello!  


  1. I love they Honey Line, it's all so cute! And I love her blog too!!!

  2. I just finished perusing her fall line too... adoooorable. Thanks for sharing!