Wednesday, April 11, 2012

of late.

Of late I have been busy. Exhausted, emotional, and wired. We've had grandparents and friends over through the Easter week, and the excitement of having them here, preparations for just that, planning and preparing of large meals and calorie filled desserts has left me. . .drained. (And aside from that, I don't want to get back to focusing on school either. Heh.) But we had fun. And I made it through thanks mostly to the guzzling of coffee. (Another reason I've been tired, coffee will have me jumping on my bed at 2:00 am:)

Have an amazing, fun filled week, with lots of sunshine, copious amounts of laughter, and excessive jumping on the bed at 2:00 am! 

*My giveaway will be ending soon and I would really like to get a few more entries. If you have a few friends/blogger acquaintances you could tell about it, I would be eternally grateful :] *