Thursday, March 8, 2012

of chocolate.

Suffice it to say, I have a weakness for chocolate. I mean, who doesn't? Who can actually resist chocolate?  

Chocolate is a range of products derived from cocoa (cacao), mixed with cocoa butter and/or plant oils and finely powdered sugar to produce a solid confection. There are several types of chocolate according to the proportion of cocoa used in a particular formulation. My favorite kind is Lindt Milk Chocolate. So good.
A few truths:

"Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies." - John Q. Tullius

There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate. - Linda Grayson

Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed, but chocolate makes it worthwhile. - Anonymous

Seven days without chocolate makes one weak. - Anonymous

Did you know...

Chocolate contains over 300 mineral properties that are beneficial to your health.

Ancient Aztecs thought chocolate had magical powers.

Chocolate contains chemical elements that really do boost your mood and produce a euphoric feeling.

Dark chocolate has more antioxidants than green tea, and just as many as blueberries. (So you can eat it without feeling guilty! :)

Switzerland is one of the top countries for chocolate consumption. The Swiss consume about 22 lbs of chocolate, per person, per year. Wow. I'm so moving there. :]

Hershey is the oldest and largest chocolate company in the U.S.

Cocoa beans were used as currency by the Mayan and Aztec cultures! 

In the 1850s, Englishman Joseph Fry changed everything by adding more cocoa butter, rather than hot water, to cocoa powder and sugar. The world’s first solid chocolate was born.

In 1875, Daniel Peter and Henri Nestle added condensed milk to solid chocolate, creating a milk chocolate bar.

In 1879, Swiss man  Rudolphe Lindt invented the conch, a machine that rotated and mixed chocolate to a perfectly smooth consistency.

By 1907, Milton Hershey’s factory was spitting out 33 million kisses per day!
This is so cool! Chocolate shoes? Yes please.

Terry's Chocolate Oranges are awesome! Have you ever had one? If not, you realllly should. :]
Lindt. My absolute favorite chocolate. Just saying.

Chocolate Flower
Isn't this gorgeous? And I'll bet it tastes even better! Unless it really is a rose? Then....maybe not. :]

Ohhhkay, time to stop posting pictures of this stuff. otherwise I'll be tempted to grab a bag of chocolate chips and eat them like popcorn. Hey, not a bad idea now that I think about it. . .

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?


  1. AHH LOVE THIS POST!:) haha I'm a chocolate fanatic!(I have actually already had like a bunch of it today:P) all of those facts are really cool! I don't know if I have a favorite....I like it all:) but I really love dark chocolate...glad to know now that I can eat it without feeling guilty! ha! if I could live off of chocolate I really would:) tehe:) now chocolate and coffee together...amazingness.! haha!


  2. I'm really craving chocolate right now.....thanks a lot, Caroline. ^^

  3. Yr welcome. Anytime :)

    @Kelsie, WOW. I can tell you had chocolate today. :D I love chocolate and coffee too! Yum!

  4. I've had the craving for chocolate since the first time I had it! :P It's just soooo good! And it's really awesome! I think I'd eat almost anything with chocolate :P