Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I. Love. Colors. Have you ever seriously thought about what life would be like in black and white? It's depressing! Actually, you probably don't sit around and think thoughts like that anyway :] But I think one of the coolest and most beautiful thing about colors is combining them. Don't you?

Prime example: Here is my absolute favorite color, turquoise. I love turquoise. I would say more about it, but typing the word turquoise is painfully taxing. Well, at least to me. :]

And here is another stunning example of color: Red. 
Now, combine them and watch the magic happen...

turquoise and red.
Brilliant, people. :]

Grey on grey!
Grey...a little bland on it's own.
Yellow Bridesmaid Dress
Yellow. Very bright. 
Rainy Saturday
Tone down the yellow, brighten up the grey, yellow on grey. :] It works.

Black and White Damask

Pair of UNLINED curtain drapery panels, turquoise blue and white, damask, 50 X 84 inches

Turquoise and Black Damask 4 Inch Stacked Boutique Hair Bow
(These also happen to be the colors in my room.)

chocolate brown & blue.
The blues and browns here are so tastefully done. I love it. 

baby pink & brown
The lighter mauve paired with creams, pinks, and browns. Gorgeous. 

Just look at all the colors involved here. This is a really cool room, you think?

What is your absolute favorite color combo? 

(All photos via Pinterest.)


  1. I really like the grey and yellow...and the black and blue! They are all so pretty, and turquoise...love that color! color is so awesome, whenever I go shopping I always need to tell myself to buy more color less black/brown colors! ha! and the last picture is like the perfect beach cottage, makes me want to to there!:)

  2. Same! I've always wanted a house by the beach. :)

  3. The lighter mauve paired with creams, pinks, and browns are the exact co lours I'm using for my new room! Great post :)
    ~Grace ~