Saturday, February 11, 2012

be happy in it.

Hello! I know haven't been getting up to much posting lately. I am trying to be better about that, but so far it's been a lose, lose. :P


These are just a few things I wanted to share with you that made me smile this week. . .

Lucy is always up to some sort adorably crazy mischief.  

Think she looks cute? Try sticking your fingers in the basket. I dare you.

Happy 17th to Katherine!

I am going to have to post this recipe I tried. It was...extremely satisfyingly good! 

Purple flats, anyone? Especially when you find them at a flea market, and they fit to perfection! Yay! :)

You'll always find the best things at Target. And you can take that to the bank.

I just really hope this isn't the closest I ever get to taking a picture in person of the Eiffel Tower! :)

Happy Valentine's Day! (A little early, but still. :) You know what I really could use this Valentine's Day? 
A personal bag of Hershey's Raspberry Bliss. Word's fail me here. 

A word of advice? DON'T! Once you start, you will NOT be able to stop eating these velvety truffle like chocolates. 

I am in love. 
  Jason Wu for Target.  It's so perfectly vintage! 

Jason Wu for Target® Flared Dress in Black with Nude Patent Belt.Opens in a new window
And this? This is nice. :)

Hope I brought a smile once or twice to your face :) I just can't stop when I see those chocolates...
...They look so good in all of their high calorie glory. I really should stop talking (and staring, and salivating, and dreaming) about chocolate and get on with some more important things in life. Sigh...
...And they have a "meltaway" center...does that mean the raspberry melts away, or the lucky individual who happens to be eating it? 
I should stop. I might break down (or break my piggy bank) and immediately buy some. Wait, I don't have a piggy bank.  
What am I doing without a piggy bank?!? 
You know what? I should go before I start scaring you. 

Too late for that. 

: )  


  1. I'm frightened. You're scaring me. AH. FRIGHTENED.

    We play a similar game with Norton where he sits in a box (with a cut out at the top) and we put toys on the top of the box. Then his paws (claws extended) and head pop out of the hole and he drags the unfortunate toy into the dark abyss..... Very fun.

  2. Thanks : )

    I am not quite finished with it, but its a start. Norton sounds adorable : )