Monday, January 9, 2012

Suede Headband DIY

How to Make:
Tools and Materials1/8 yard of fabric
Erasable fabric marker
Needle and thread
Headband How-To1. Fold fabric in half; place widest part of pattern at the fold and trace with marking pen. With a ruler and the marker, extend the straight lines at the bottom of the pattern 14 inches down from fold. "These curves require a little more cutting precision than the sash-that's why you want to trace it," .
2. Cut along the line. Wrap the band around your head, centered, to find the center back on one end; sew a button there.
3. Wrap band around your head again, and pinch the plain end over the button. In that spot, cut a small slit, then snip it incrementally larger just until you can slip the button through.

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