Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Twelve Days of Blog-mas, Days 5-6

Day Five:

I'm so sorry I missed day five :-P. We had family over and I was just waaaaay to busy to post anything! Check out Kendall though.

Day Six: A Picture of Your Christmas Tree

We are halfway through Blog-mas, which is super hard to believe! I don't know if it's just me, but Christmas seems to have come up way to fast...I think my brain is still in denial. Even though it's finally cold, everywhere you go Christmas music is playing, Target has snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, Starbucks is decked out, and there are more baked goods sitting around begging to be eaten than possible, I still am having trouble grasping the fact that, "Hey everybody, Christmas is this coming Sunday!"

This was pretty difficult to get a picture of. The tree is kinda crooked in it's stand and at a really awkward angle for snapping. Oh well.

Our house is decorated in blues, browns, silvers and greens. Hence the color of the ornaments :-)

We had an extremely busy weekend. My cousins came (five girls) so there was a lot of action with ten kids running around (a lot of them under the age of twelve)
But that's not to say we didn't have fun :-) Plus there was a brand new Chihuahua puppy in the mix creating chaos all around with it's extreme cuteness and puppy-ness. 


Cookie Dough (Hannah's Chihuahua)

Yesterday we took everyone to the playground and froze our faces off. It was already terribly cold, not to mention the fact that some people got a "Blue Coconut" slush from Sonic beforehand :-D
(Oh yeah, this is Karis...I think.)

And Katelyn, unless it's the other way around...oh dear. Pretty sure I got it right though :-)
No one was smiling very much, but that might have been something to do with the fact that their faces were already permanently frozen beforehand. 

Comment, anyone?

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  1. Your tree looks really pretty!

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