Monday, December 19, 2011

The Twelve Days of Blog-mas, Day 7

Day Seven: A Christmas Memory

Getting up that out. Getting up super early was always something we did on Christmas morning. It wasn't uncommon for us to already be out of bed and hyped up on sugar (thanks to stockings) by 4:00 am. One Christmas, Katherine got a about the time. Earlier that week, our power had gone out due to ice, so some some of the clocks around the house were still a little wacko after it had come back on. Somehow, she thought it was late/early morning and was going about the business of waking everyone up and giving them their stockings. Yeah, it was 2:00 am...I remember being really confused and even more tired. I also have this faint-ish memory of my Dad stumbling around with red eyes and matching face, chasing each and everyone of us back to bed.

Now on Christmas mornings, It's a little harder to get me out of bed..."Come back in here and turn that light on one more time, and I'll hurt you very badly, Dear." But we still have fun!

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