Thursday, February 23, 2012

ah, paris.

I guess it's time I owned up. I've always dreamed of going to Paris, France. Sadly, I can sit somewhere and find myself hopelessly lost in progressive imaginings of what it would be like to actually visit/live for a few months/permanently move there : ]

What better place for daydreaming and fantasizing? 

I'd grab my camera, and go all the way to the top. Taking a picture from the Eiffel Tower? It's on my mental bucket list.

outdoor cafe in Provence
And sit with a friend at a quite and remote cafe, far from the madding crowd.

I would strap on a pair of skates, hoping for the best. : ]

Lovely antique shop.
And go treasure hunting in ancient whimsical antique shops.

I would take many an enchanting stroll through France's alluring countryside. 

Five food groups in Paris:)
 I would eat. : )

vintage moped - i want it!
And I might even rent a moped. Maybe. But the idea of my blonde brain trying to drive one of those right now? Scary.

Any other Paris fans reading this? I'm with you all the way. 

Yup, this crazy dream is just that, a crazy dream. . .  But who knows? Maybe someday, that'll change. 


  1. Well, you'll have to rent two mopeds. And then we'll tie billowy scarves around our heads, don our rather large sunglasses, work out a system for taking turns with Charlotte, and ride around Paris. Remember? :]

  2. Ohhh yeah, now I remember : ]

    Sounds like a plan. : D

  3. I really like your header...I love vintage pink typewriters!
    God bless!

    Oh, and thank you for your sweet comment; comments make my day:)

  4. Oooh France! I'm obsessed with France right now :P I'm slowly trying to learn french! And one day I hope to go there :D