Saturday, October 8, 2011

So October 8th was our "Neighborhood Gargage Sale." I took off with Emmaline, Micaiah and Audrianne around the whole neighborhood and we visited about 10 different yard sales. Seriously, if I have to see one more table full of blue dishes with those horrible geese and teddy bears holding hearts, old novels, and sweaters that look like what might have been the height of fashion during the great depression...I will completely lose my mind. I did find this skirt and blouse though.

And the blouse is from Target. Yay! :-)

And then, before I knew what was happening, Audrianne had bought a pretty good sized box of scrapbooking supplies for 5$. Oh dear.

This is only about 1/4 of it...

And so I lugged that heavy box (Which after buying, Audrianne couldn't carry) around with me for the next mile. By then Emmaline and Micaiah were laden down with quite a bit of stuff (including a Godiva Chocolates collectors teddy bear and a the fullest extent of the word...model car).

They found play-doh, stuffed animals, paints, sun-catcher sets, books, dvds, and a magnet with a snoozing bear on it, (from goodness knows where).

And Micaiah found this old Cracker Jack tin. Ever since then I've been hearing the painstakingly loud noise of him depositing his loose change in it. Oh joy.

And then there's the "Lava Lamp." Micaiah came inside this morning talking all excitedly about this "Really cool orange lamp with bubbles in it" that our neighbor was selling. He took me over to show me and there it was in all it's 70's glory. Of course I had to get it for him...and I have to admit, it is pretty cool. ;-)

Emmaline with her Godiva bear. (Excuse her chin...she had a little bike accident yesterday...I think it sort of adds to the whole "scruffy homeschooler" look;-)

Well then they decided to conduct their own yard sale.

I'm afraid buisiness wasn't exactly "booming." (Which is to say they didn't get a single customer).

So they sat...and sat...and sat. As Emmaline cheer-leaded to all the cars driving by.

Even Charlotte didn't attract any customers. Oh gee, I wonder why not... ;-)

Eventually Emmaline gave up and decided even a nap would be a lot more interesting.

Emmaline's half-hearted attempt to draw in the crowds.

Now, I wonder why they didn't get any customers...oh well,maybe next time. ;-)
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